Guess what! I have been converting into a computer fanatic lately. If you find it hard to believe me then read the post title again- Random.random. For those who are new to this tech-related language, random.random is a function of the random module in the programming language Python.

What is the reason behind this new-found obsession, one might ask.

The answer isn’t as profound.

What is profound is that I have nothing interesting going on in my life right now. There is nothing bad happening nor is there something good. There is always this period of very normal things happening and it gets quite monotonous. And I hate monotonous.

I really hope I find a diamond on the road or that something similarly life-changing occurs.

*fingers crossed*





Happy 2017

I was going to write a very corny post about how amazing 2016 was and how much I miss it right now but scraped that idea after rounds of typing, cringing and backspacing. After a few minutes of serious deliberation, I have now decided upon summarizing my year in the least number of sentences possible.

2016 was a whole new roller-coaster. I switched schools, the first few days was a battle between missing my old friends and trying to make new ones. I made the wrong set of friends and trusted people whom I would have normally not believed in. I made quite a few mistakes but learnt a lot in the end. I also minimized my usage of social media to a large extent by deleting both my Instagram and Whatsapp- this has given me much more time to creepily stare at pictures of donuts in every nook and corner of the internet. A lot more incidents did occur in 2016 but I either don’t remember them or feel that they aren’t great enough to be shared.

Dear 2017,

Please be amazing.

Yours Truly,


PS: bludgersandbroomsticks I  learned to do this, finally. Go ace boards. Also, I miss thou *insert sappy smiley*




Empire of Storms- A Review

Empire of Storms is the fifth book in the Throne of Glass novel series by Sarah J. Maas. The book follows Aelin Galathynius, her court and her friends  in their quest to overthrow the Valg king. The Queen finds allies, makes enemies and calls in debts. In this book, new relationships are formed while certain ties are broken. As the story unfolds, the plot deepens further to reveal a lot of nuances.


* _ *

As the number of characters increase, the emotions also intensify. I loved to hear the story through multiple characters and found myself empathizing with all of them. Although Aelin appeared a bit cold and too dominating, there was no loss in her level of badassery. She becomes quite secretive and every time she revealed a ‘surprise’, I found myself both annoyed and fascinated. It was frustrating to have so many details hidden to only have it revealed in the right moment.

“Aelin was no savior to rally behind, but a cataclysm to be weathered.”
― Sarah J. Maas, Empire of Storms

I started liking the characters of Manon and Elide. Right when I thought their characters were not important, everything started to make sense. While there were certain moments when I didn’t remember a certain character and had to consult Google regarding their stance in the plot, I liked how the plot expanded and gave a real war-like perspective.

When I started reading the series, I was under the impression that it was going nowhere. But with each book it gets better and now I just wish that I could somehow get myself to 2017 , read that last book and come back.


PS The Rowan-Aelin sex scenes are bleh. Skip.

PPS Check out my Throne of Glass Review

What did you think of the book?

How To Stop Procrastinating

Have you ever tried to not procrastinate and failed miserably? Has your inbuilt ability to procrastinate ever come in the way of your success? Have you ever felt guilty after a long session of procrastination and tried to correct yourself? Worry not for I have some serious advice in store.

Well, now that I have spent the past five hours binge-watching YouTube videos, I find it suitable for me to give others life advice on how not to do the only thing that I am good at doing. If procrastination were a serious profession, I would be the richest person alive. Boy, I feel good already.

Now to the serious part- How to avoid procrastination.

STEP 1: The groundwork: This is the most basic yet important step. First, try to list down all the work that you have to get completed in the near future. It is much easier to not procrastinate when you know how much you have to get done. I tend to work more efficiently when I realize that there are so many things piling up on me. That is when I get serious and start focusing. But if you are in the category of people who procrastinate further when they realize the actual load, then there are only two possibilities- either you are stressed out or you are trying to hide from reality. If it is the former then take a vacation or turn the kitchen upside down(not to be taken literally) or just give the library a visit. Else, remind yourself of why you are doing what you are doing, wake up and push through.

STEP 2: The diversions: What is your medium of procrastination? If it is a phone or any other gadget for that matter then, turn down the notifications for all social media. The whole cycle of ‘X’ messaged me and now I have to reply- it is COMPLICATED. If you are one to start binge watching TV series or movies then it is much harder. In that case, ask a trusted friend to hide that television remote/laptop till you finish your work. Or put it in a place where you are lazy to frequent that you would be lazy to even try to retrieve your laptop. If there is something else that you divert yourself with then comment down below and let me know what it is.

STEP 3: The realization: To stop procrastinating, it is imperative that you realize that you are procrastinating. At times, we lose our sense of time and indulge in too much diversion. There are moments when I will be deeply involved in texting that I won’t even hear the dinner call. It is only when my grandmother taps my shoulder and pulls me to the table that I realize that it has been almost two hours since I started fiddling with my phone. If I had realized that it had already been an hour, I would have probably stopped. The problem is that the realization never struck.

STEP 4: The final moment: Prioritize. When you have a few hundreds of sums to complete and you’re your phone is repeatedly buzzing with notifs or if your other diversion is desperately trying to get your attention, learn to say NO. See? It is not all that hard. Next, start thinking long-term but also remember to not get too dreamy or lost in the process. Finally, act up. If you find yourself too much in the procrastination sector, grab that steering wheel and drive yourself back.

If you have devised any other method to deal with procrastination then put it in the comments and let me know.


One year old.

awindlessmidnight turns one today! *shouts in excitement*

Although, I am not really excited. My feelings are bordering around anxiety. It has been a whole year since I started this blog and my posting has been quite irregular. At times, when I really want to write something out, I feel at loss for words. And at times when I read my writings, I feel insecure about it. I may not have accomplished much on this blog but the only thing I keep telling myself repeatedly is that I started this blog for fun and I have had a lot of it. One whole year of fun.

This weekend has been very eventful. I turned sixteen yesterday. I know that it is not that big a deal. But people my age, elsewhere, can drive and all of that. So, if I lived in a different part of the globe, I would have been trusted with a car. That is a big responsibility and I have to wait two more years for it. Until then, Happy Birthday blog.

See you soon.



I didn’t turn into a polar bear.

I didn’t turn into a polar bear and switch to hibernate mode. I didn’t fly off the face of earth. I didn’t incur amnesia and forget that this blog existed. In simple words, I am still alive and in my senses.

If you are wondering why I didn’t post in such a long time(which you probably aren’t because you have better things to do), I was busy. Busy doing what? I was busy trying to constantly drive my head away from the deep abyss of loneliness it was pulling itself into.

It wasn’t that dramatic, you see. I joined a new school and I don’t see the same faces I saw two months ago and I miss the faces(and the people those faces belonged to). Do I like my new school? Yes. Do I miss my old school? Yes. Will I go back to my old school if given the chance? I don’t know.

The past two months have been very rocky. I have had people make fun of me because I DON’T have an Indian accent. I have had people tell me that I am fun to be around. I have had people tell me that I am rude and insensitive. I have had people call me a nerd. I have had people tell me that I am smart. I have had people tell me a lot of other things. I know that I am not supposed to take such things to heart but I can’t help it, and I am confused.

But a lot of good things have happened too. Well, it is just one good thing that lead to a lot of other good things. I won a scholarship. Lalalala. I put a lot of effort into it, and it makes me feel good about myself.

I don’t like to brag, so I am going to talk about the books that I read.

#Wings by Aprilynne Pike: the book was so silly that it was almost entertaining.

#The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown: the first book that put me to sleep but I finished reading it nevertheless(I will try to write a more detailed review later)

#1984 by George Orwell: I am supposed to read it for Drama class and I read only two pages because I can’t function with deadlines.

Now I have to try and finish all the leftover homework I have, get over my guilt of procrastinating for too long, recall all the work that I have to do and also find time to dream about how nice it would be to eat a box of pizza. Excuse me.




Holidays, some life advice and other ridiculous stuff.

Let’s talk about my vacation.

My previous posts would have provided insight on how much of a holiday fanatic I am(cue read my previous posts. Self advertisement is nothing to be ashamed of).

This span of a two month vacation can be divided into three parts. The first was tedious, the second was lacklustre and the third was mixed. Now, explaining what I did in these two months is only going to drive potential readers away. And that is not the intent. So instead, I have decided on giving free life advice that has been derived from my experiences this summer.

  1. DoNOT ever have your home either painted or renovated. That is the worst process one can ever sit through. Buy a new home instead. You certainly don’t deserve to expose yourself to such worry.
  2. Never go on a road trip without a spare tire or having your car checked. Unless you want a free tan, anger or even weird questions from onlookers for that matter.
  3. Be a generous person and season the food you cook properly. A great man once referred to poorly seasoned food as unfit for consumption. Personally, I would say that it gives rise to bad tempers.
  4. Expectations end in disappointment.
  5. If you just spotted a white hair in your otherwise perfect head, don’t worry about it. Rather flaunt it. Tell people that you dyed that part silver. They shall not doubt you for a second.
  6. Always have a mental list of material-things that you want. You never know when a person will ask you what you want to be gifted. When the moment comes, you should give the answer with a smile and reassure the person that he is not under any pressure to oblige to your fancies. And walk away with that overly priced thing that you always wanted(if it doesn’t work then you shall atleast get some other gift and an apology).

That was some serious advice. Maybe I should just drop school and monetise my ability to give such wonderful advice. What do you say?



Insanely overrated books.

Note: The following may contain unpopular opinions. To clarify, feeling that a book is overrated and disliking a book are two very different terms.

Just as I was thinking of a topic to post about, I saw a picture of The Twilight book series. An idea was born.

Justin Bieber is overrated and so are the following books-


Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

 I read the first book when I was ten years old and at that time it was a sign of defiance. Both my cousins were immersed into this novel series and I was slowly liking it too. The more my parents tried to restrict me from reading books that weren’t meant for my age group, the more rebellious I became. My real opinions of this book were formed when I read the last two books years later (I didn’t read New Moon, even the pre-teen me didn’t like it). The only part of the books that I enjoyed was Jacob’s POV. I finished the books only for the joy of laughing at the character’s stupidity and the lack of substance.


This is GORGEOUS. Just take your fingers and cover Bella’s face, you shall understand.


Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling

This book series didn’t change my life or mould my childhood or blow my mind. I never planned on reading the books and possessed preconceived hatred for it until exactly two years ago. Me reading Harry Potter is best described as an accident. Dear reader, before you jump into the trampoline of conclusions, let me tell you how much I loved the books. I loved the books so much that I read the last book on the train and spent the next two days having a terrible headache and a reading-induced motion sickness. However, I have loved many other books with the same intensity. The book is primarily flawed but it does its work of catering to the fantasy of young adults and kids alike. I sincerely wish that I could be more excited about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child but the wizarding world is over for me. I got what I wanted- a good story, a happy ending and an enjoyable reading experience. I can’t make sense of all the hype.


Eragon by Christopher Paolini

I rarely ever say this but when I do, I mean it. The movie was way better than the book. I kept searching every single page for an incentive to keep reading. Finding the Holy Grail would have been easier. The book put me to sleep more quickly than anything else could have (it surpasses my biology teacher in that one aspect). I love dragons, my username would have provided you with that insight but the dragon in the book was not very alluring. The pacing was slow and I kept turning to the last page fantasizing about the time when I would finish reading those dreary pages.


The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I hate it when people talk about how teenagers with a good vocabulary are nonexistent. I hate it when people go on about how tfios is unrealistic. Books are supposed to be unreal, they are meant to take you on a journey that you, with that mundane body of yours, would never find yourself in and they exist to relieve you from the repetitive schedule that you follow everyday. And I would have never met a guy as cheesy, pretentious and adorable( especially hot) as Augustus Waters and shed tears for him if not for the existence of ‘unreal books‘( I wouldn’t have met three fourths of my teenage crushes either). I feel that tfios is overrated because I don’t think people would have talked about it as much if Augustus hadn’t *spoilers* died. Personally, I wouldn’t have connected with the book so much if that one unfortunate incident hadn’t occurred. I don’t wish Gus’s death, a world with a living-breathing Augustus Waters would be a great place( frankly, even a world that contained a person like him would be wonderful). Let’s talk about the movie, it was honestly one of the best book to movie adaptations and the cast was perfect *cough cough* Ansel Elgort. My mom, although, refused to take me for movies because of the mental distress it inflicted upon her- she cried(an understatement- she weeped enough to keep the Nile flowing for a lifetime).

I have so many more to add to this list that I may even return with a part two. This list contains a certain few books that I loved despite their flaws. Listing them as overrated doesn’t, in any way, make me disloyal to the fandom.


What do you think of this list? Did I miss out on a particular book?

It’s Summer: tbr+ a confession

After months of waiting it’s finally summer! Dear reader, if you live in the part of the globe where it isn’t summer yet, My heart goes out to you. I am not an expert on seasons and I am not even sure if it is officially summer yet, but to me summer is synonymous to vacations and the vacations have begun!


I have developed a new-found fascination for orderliness and planning in my life. And in order to show the world my realisation, I have decided to write down my tbr list. To be more specific, it is a list of trilogies.

  1. Penryn and the End of Days trilogy by Susan Ee: I recently saw the cover of this book on Instagram and decided that I couldn’t spend even a day of my vacations properly unless I read the books. Coming to the confession part, I judge a book by its cover- in the most literal sense possible.
  2. Shatter Me trilogy by Tahereh Mafi: I am unsure of what makes me want to read this book. Although I feel the necessity to point out that the name is intriguing.
  3. Red Queen by  Victoria Aveyard: I SEE THIS BOOK EVERYWHERE. The unnatural ubiquity of this book in my universe isn’t just visual. I have even heard people talk about this book ALL THE TIME. It feels like the haunting won’t stop until I read this book. Also, I don’t even know if it is a trilogy( my recent fad for orderliness just went down the drain).
  4.  Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor: Long story short- I started reading this book. Stopped and read My True Love Gave to Me instead. Found that DoSaB was written by the same author whose story I liked in MTLGtM. It has been in my tbr for a very long time.

It is odd that the books in my tbr list end up never being read. But it is not going to happen this time.


What is on your tbr list?

Lady Midnight: Review


IMG_5253 (1)

To be honest, it took me four days to finish this book. The first half of the book was lackluster and as much as I tried to make myself read it, my mind kept drifting. The only part that kept me reading on was when Emma says that she loves the sand but hates the sea. Coincidentally, I was reading this part whilst sitting on the beach sand and I related.

Well, I don’t hate Cristina. Let’s be real- No one can hate Cristina. She so sweet that you can add her to your morning coffee(Easy for me to say. I don’t drink coffee). There was so much going on in the book but I like Cristina best with Diego. Also, I wish that she had come to the LA institute much earlier and made Emma her parbatai.

It’s kind of odd since I ship Emma with both Julian and Mark. More with Mark actually. Dear Cassandra Clare, don’t you try doing the Will/Tessa/Jem thing with me again( My heart has become very fragile, all thanks to the existence of love triangles and unhappy endings). I am fine with Julian’s existence but I like Mark better.

lady midnight


I love the way that Cassandra Clare gives importance to all her main characters and seamlessly weaves their backstory into her story. The myriad POVs just made it feel so real and I don’t hate any of her main characters. I read Annabel Lee-the poem by Edgar Allan Poe before I read this book and I suggest everyone else to do so. It made me appreciate the book better and the interlinking with the poem felt so natural that I am confused. Is Cassandra Clare a warlock or a shadowhunter? Does the shadow world actually exists? I never read the chapter names, but I noticed that the chapters were named after lines from Annabel Lee. Good.

At the start of the book I never thought that I would say this but I am dying to read the next book. I also hope that there is more of Jace (I can never get enough of Jace. EVER.)

When I heard about TDA, I decided that I wouldn’t read it and that I had had enough of the shadowworld but I am glad that I read Lady Midnight. CONCLUSION: I can’t ever get bored of shadowhunters.


PS I watched the Shadowhunters TV series. The normal me would rant about how they deviated from the book and how its very existence is a disgrace to the book but I liked the plot deviation- it made sense.